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A Gentleman's Guide to the Perfect Shoes
09 Nov / 2015

A Gentleman's Guide to the Perfect Shoes

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There are many questions to be answered about good quality shoes, whether it be how to look after them, how to polish them or why they cost so much, here i will try to answer as many as possible. Lets start with how to make sure your shoes look great every time you slip them on;

  1. Invest in a good quality shoe tree, why spend upward of two hundred pounds on a pair of good quality shoes and not a shoe tree, because lets face it leather is going to crease, it doesnt matter how much you spend or the quality of the leather that is used to make your shoes it will crease and using a shoe tree after wearing them all day will stretch the leather pack into shape.
  2. Always use a shoe horn, again if you invest in a quality pair of shoes why risk ruining the back by forcing your hefty trotters in, a shoe horn helps slide in with ease.
  3. If youre caught out in the rain with your new shoes please don't force dry them by putting them in front of the fire or on top of the radiator this will cause the leather to either crack over time or become quite brittle and a light tan shoe may show burn marks, the best way to dry wet leather shoes is to pop in your shoe tree and let them dry in their own time away from any heat.
  4. This one is important, if you've just purchased you're new leather soled shoes or collected your re-heeled and soled shoes from the cobbler and the first time you come to put them on for a jolly out on the town, if its raining dont do it, wear your new shoes in the dry for the first few times, give the leather of the sole time to scuff in, this will help with grip as leather soles can be quite slippery in the wet and we dont want you on your arse in front of a bevvy of beauties.

What style of shoe to wear when, Oxford or Brouge shall we say;

  • The Oxford is a formal  shoe which can be split in to two sorts, Derbies and Oxfords which both include a vamp ( the vamp is the part of the upper which cover the front of the foot) a relativly low heel and usually a leather Goodyear welted constuction sole. With the Oxfords, the facing (the facing is the part of the shoe which has the lacing) is stitched under the vamp which gives a sleeker appearence and is a must for a dress shoe, the patent leather Oxford is the perfect compliment to a Dinner Suit.
  • The Derby shoe facing is over stitched giving it a more relaxed look, coming in a range of colours it can be worn with jeans or chinos as well as still being sophisticated to compliment a suit. 
  • Brogues; strictly speaking Brogues comes from the term "Broguing" this is where the shoe has a punched design and can be applied to both Oxfords and Derbies. Wingtip Brogues are where the punching has been added to an extended toe, the tan wingtip shoe is very much the shoe to be seen in today, being worn with denims and suits alike.


To Tie A Tie: A Guide to the Perfect Knot
02 Nov / 2015

To Tie A Tie: A Guide to the Perfect Knot

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There is a lot more to tying your tie than the school knot you were taught on you first nervous day at middle school, you have the plain knot, the cross knot, the double knot, the double cross knot along with the Windsor and half Windsor. From a young man buying his first suit for a family hatches, matches and dispatches to the company executive the right knot tied correctly can make a big impretion. Below are some things you should consider before tying your tie;

1. How long should your tie be? Your tieshould reach to the point where the wider part of the tie ends near the centre of your belt buckle (If your trousers have belt loops please wear a belt) taller men, men with large necks and men that like a large knot like a double windsor should consider longer length ties (60 inches plus) 

2. Which tie knot for which dress shirt? It is the aim to tie your tie so that the tie knot fills most of the gap at your collar. Shirts with a wider collar spread should be matched with a wider and more triangular tie knot. The full Windsor knot, also called double Windsor tie knot, is the best choice here.

3. Large or small tie knots? The size of the knot depends to the most part of the type of shirt you are wearing. Another factor on which size knot is most fashionable depends on the current fashion trends. In the 90s knots were small and narrow. Today wider and thicker necktie knots are in style. Finally the type of tie has some to do with the size of the knot. Traditional British are better suited for traditional tie knots such as the Four in Hand, while modern Italian silk ties look best with larger tie knots.

4. What tie knot for what style of necktie? For most ties, the full, or double Windsor tie knot, looks best. For skinny ties a narrower knot is a more stylish choice which is often times also slightly loosely tied. Solid color ties made from a smooth satin silk also look more elegant with a smaller tie knot and a dimple. British ties look great with a Four in Hand knot and with button down collar dress shirts.

Terrific Tweed
16 Oct / 2015

Terrific Tweed

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New in-store and on-line Harris Tweed bags for men, ideal for Christmas presents or a treat for yourself.

Harris Tweed is one of the rarest and most loved fabrics in the world. To carry the name, by Act of Parliament, Harris Tweed must be hand-woven by the islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra, in the far-flung Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Woven by hand in the crofters' cottages, using pure virgin wool that has been dyed and spun locally, it is the world's only commercially produced hand-woven tweed.

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